Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So apparently any time I blog from work, nothing is posted

Serves me right, though. :)  Here is an update on the floor and paint


and after

So I will update again after baseboards and the rest of the painting. Thanks Mom, Dad, Des, Karissa & Radell for the help!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Projects are like pringles...you can never have just one

So I started the major process of ripping out dusty rose carpet from my condo to have the parquet floors refinished. Note to self: Always expect the unexpected when starting a renovation project. Today my mom, dad and friend KJ came over to help me pull up the carpet, a million staples, 70 feet of tack strips and baseboards. We did approximately 500 square feet in 6 hours - found approximately 20 damaged parquet tiles and a lot of white paint (apparently when they changed the building from apartments to condos in the 70s, they spray painted everything white including a good portion of the floor. So Dad is calling he sander-guy to reschedule and looking for the replacement tiles. Then after the carpet was out, we pulled out a ridiculous number of staples. So off to the Home Depot down the street to pick out paint colors, since the floors will get sanded, I will not have to worry too much about the paint getting on the floors. Since I couldn't make a snap decision on the paint, I got samples and painted posterboards to look at in the morning, but I'm pretty much in love with Ralph Lauren Bali Turquoise - its going to look awesome :)  Other colors that I'm digging - fresh pineapple and granny apple by glidden. So what will I get done tomorrow? It will start with buying some tinted primer for the bali turquoise wall. Off to bed now.

And Paint...good times!