Monday, July 11, 2011

A new project, finally...I know I'm a slacker

So months ago - seriously March or something like that, my mom and our friend Katherine did a favor for me by going to salvation army very early in the AM to scope out a large dresser for my room to act as a dresser/bedside table. They found a piece for a great price and I was dispatched to go pick it up. Then it sat in my living room as a makeshift sofa table for a while. Well about a month and a half ago I had a big weekend of sanding then priming, painting, painting and painting it. The multi coats of paint took it from a fairly dark stain to a crisp white. I was concerned about the finish being really bumpy, but was assured my many fellow DIY bloggers that I could sand off that bumpiness (they were right) and that it was not in fact ruined. Thank you KFD Designs and Young House Love for the tips! So then it sat in the dining room again acting as a sofa table for a few weeks. Well this weekend, I finally made friends again and finished the white touch ups and added on the pretty colored accents with glidden paint in hot pink (Disney's Invitation to a princess) and orange (behr's red hot). Sorry my before pictures aren't great.
Drawer before

Top Before

During - primed and painted
Drawer During

Detail After


Monday, April 26, 2010

So I've been MIA for a while now...

I promise more updates to come. But for now, I’d like to show you the before and after of this weekend’s project.


The chairs before started out as a $100 craigslist buy. More than ideal on Craigslist, but they were everything their posting implied – Vintage wicker chairs.


So on Friday, I took a ½ day from work and spray primed then painted them. Then headed to Tuesday morning, Homegoods and World Market for some accessories that you see here in the after.


Not a bad weekend activity, eh?


I’ll update more items soon, but I’m heading out of town for work and getting back just a couple days before the 116 coming out party, so it might be in a week or so. Cheers!


Shannon Burke, CMP


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Awesome giveaway!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hello Blog World...Sorry I've been mia lately. After the shelving excitement...I got a cold, then it turned into a cough, then I went to a conference in Dallas for meeting planners, had some fun, came down with whooping cough, layed down for a few days. Then on day 3 of the antibiotics, I joined my sainted parents in pulling out ucky old carpet from my roommates room, and put down fresh padding and carpet. This past weekend I cleaned my bedroom (save the pile of crap on the floor of my closet.), went to 2 parties, made brunch for Mom and Dad and worked with Mom to pull down the wallpaper border in my bedroom. Seriously it's been a lot of stuff in just one month...and it just keeps rolling. I HAVE to buy paint for my bedroom, PAINT my bedroom....before Friday when Mom comes over to help move furniture and Dad comes over to help rip out carpet, baseboards and tack strips...for the new carpet in my room. Lastly, I need to pain the kitchen and bathroom and I'll take a break on the home remodeling and really look into the home decorating side of things :) So if you are interested out there in blog world - let me know which of these pretty colors you like better for the accent wall in my bedroom (everything else is neutral at this point - starting with the wall).
I have glidden fresh pinapple yellow going back to the room, and am not against something in that family for the feature wall in my room, but I'm kind of leaning towards something different, perhaps a bright pink like sherwin williams 5859 feverish pink, one way or another, I will have paint tomorrow.   Now I'll watch the rest of my new favorite train wreck vis a vis TV show - Little Miss Perfect and go to bed. I hope these girls grow up to be brilliant successful women - hope springs eternal. :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Slow on progress...but there is progress...

So with the holidays, I kind of took a break from doing stuff around the place that didn't involve the Christmas Tree. Enjoy the photo...that's my little yarny snowman too. Love that guy. :)

But today, I embarked on a project - to turn 2 6 foot boxes just like this one...

with some help from the instructions and my little electric screwdriver...

And now I have some pretty needs some arranging, but they're built...
thanks to Dad who gave me moral support on #2, while we watched the Redskins fail the end of their season - unfortunatley it was to be expected.

And sorry for the not awesome photograhpy - my camera is broken, so we're working with my blackberry camera, which is good, but not perfect. :) 

Talk to you soon!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Work Weekend...and some fun.

So this weekend included getting trees for my house and mom and dad's house.  Then hung out over there with Sue and her little girl Brooke, while Des, Dad and Scott put together a grill - timing is everything. Saturday I woke up feeling kind of crappy and couldn't really motivate, I ended up getting all the crown molding sanded, got to hang out and visit with some great friends and volunteered at Ronald McDonald House - not a bad day. Today however, I did touch up on the ceiling and walls while listening to love actually, went to see New Moon, had a guiness while watching football, went to the hardware store to buy a tree stand, went to the auto parts store to get lights I'm missing, came home and finished touching up, painted the crown, set the nails on the base and spackled them while listening to Santa Baby 2 and White Christmas. What I know now is that is too much to do in one day, according to my feet mostly - though my back is loudly seconding the motion. The other thing I know is that now the crown (which I rethought about 100 times today) freaking looks awesome! I accidentally used the enamel for the doors instead of the plain latex paint - which Dad was concerned would make the seams to noticeable, but since I'd already done half we both decided it would be fine. :) Still have a redonk list of todos - including 3 large pieces of furniture that would like to be put together...but we're moving right along here. :)  sleepy time now.