Sunday, December 13, 2009

Work Weekend...and some fun.

So this weekend included getting trees for my house and mom and dad's house.  Then hung out over there with Sue and her little girl Brooke, while Des, Dad and Scott put together a grill - timing is everything. Saturday I woke up feeling kind of crappy and couldn't really motivate, I ended up getting all the crown molding sanded, got to hang out and visit with some great friends and volunteered at Ronald McDonald House - not a bad day. Today however, I did touch up on the ceiling and walls while listening to love actually, went to see New Moon, had a guiness while watching football, went to the hardware store to buy a tree stand, went to the auto parts store to get lights I'm missing, came home and finished touching up, painted the crown, set the nails on the base and spackled them while listening to Santa Baby 2 and White Christmas. What I know now is that is too much to do in one day, according to my feet mostly - though my back is loudly seconding the motion. The other thing I know is that now the crown (which I rethought about 100 times today) freaking looks awesome! I accidentally used the enamel for the doors instead of the plain latex paint - which Dad was concerned would make the seams to noticeable, but since I'd already done half we both decided it would be fine. :) Still have a redonk list of todos - including 3 large pieces of furniture that would like to be put together...but we're moving right along here. :)  sleepy time now.

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